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Mother. Nurse. Teacher. Crafter. Photographer. And now, writer…

Nurse. Teacher. Crafter. Photographer. Canadian; I am a woman who wears many hats but what defines me the most, is being a New Zealander and a mother.

“Why on earth did you leave NZ?” This is often the first question I am asked after the inevitable clarification of where my accent is from (usually confused with being English or Australian — even after 25 years, I cannot shake it!) I came to Montréal with my husband and 5-month-old daughter, Hannah, on a one-year contract for his new job.

Well, that one year has turned into a life sentence! We produced another two kids, have subsequently divorced but this is now home to me, us. …

Visiting Christchurch one month after a devastating Earthquake.

My phone did its usual bleep as I packed my groceries into bags with a couple of kids in tow. I was surprised to see the incoming text was from my ex. He rarely messaged. My jaw dropped when I read his words.

You might want to check in with your folks. A massive earthquake in Christchurch.

An earthquake in Christchurch? How was that even possible? Wellington was always first on the list for the big one. Not Christchurch!

My mind went into a spin as I hurriedly loaded the car and headed home as fast as I could. It…

The curiously cunning ways my furry babies wake me up

Unless I absolutely have to be somewhere, I don’t use an alarm clock anymore. My furry babies perform this task perfectly well without any need for technology.

Their abilities stem from their desire to be fed. It is of no concern to them if I went to bed later than usual, am working the evening shift or have a day off. Their tummies are rumbling and it is time to be fed. My needs are not considered for one second. They rule this house — or their bellies do at least.

Booboo and Bubba have developed several crafty techniques to…

I’m sure I am not the only woman who feels this way

I can drive one and fuel it. I can refill the window-washer fluid. I’ll clean it and have it serviced regularly. But, if I ever have to change a tyre I’ve got roadside assistance on speed dial. If a warning light suddenly appears, I am either on the phone or at my friendly garage the same day.

I just have no idea about the intricacies of a vehicle.

I’ve had to ‘man up’ since I was divorced. It was his job to research and purchase the family car; all I did was agree to whatever he wanted. …

Weeds — unwanted and undesirable plants. But do they deserve their bad reputation?

Dandelions are considered one because of their remarkable ability to reproduce and quickly proliferate wherever they land. For gardeners, they are the bane of existence. They effortlessly take over carefully manicured lawns or plots and develop tenacious roots if not dealt with promptly.

Take a closer look at how exquisite they are! Their delicate fluff at the top of thin finger-like protrusions from its core, forming a perfectly round ball.

Guinea pigs love eating the pretty yellow flowers and milky stalks. They are an important source of food for bees too. Even humans can eat their leaves in salads, reportedly tasting similar to arugula.

I used to love blowing the seed heads as a child. Often at the wrath of my father, who was an avid gardener. Now, I just marvel at their beauty.

Barbara Dalton

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