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Mother. Nurse. Teacher. Crafter. Photographer. And now, writer…

Fresh fruit at the Atwater Market; June 18, 2021. Photo by Author

My week in photographs; June 14–21, 2021

The beauty of being on vacation is being able to visit popular weekend places during the week. The Atwater Market has always been a favourite one-stop fruit and vegetable place, mainly because the produce comes straight from the farmers to the shelves. It tastes so good and iswell worth the extra dollars.

Aside from that, my week was mainly occupied with helping out my friend who remained in the hospital until yesterday. I did manage to squeeze in a couple of walks and capture some nice pics.


Stop sending me your weekly chirpy emails

Image by Jenia Nebolsina from Pixabay

Dear Angie,*

It is very sweet of you to keep sending me regular emails with a report on how active I have been all week. However, I am perplexed why you have suddenly started to do so again as my membership expired in March 2021.

To be honest, I never was a fan of your app. It was one of those Covid moments when I felt the urge to stay in shape from the comfort of my own home. The gyms were closed and we could barely go out, and I knew I would quickly turn into a blob of…

That is the question

Photo by Natasha Brazil on Unsplash

Oh, the joys of aging!

I’m accepting of the passing of time for the most part. I am 54 years old and more than aware that at this point body parts will sag, the mind may lag and some days I may feel like an old hag. It is a normal part of aging. Like the wear and tear on a car, the human body does change as we get older.

The ability to effortlessly and graciously squat to take a photo of a pretty flower at ground zero is met with screaming pain in my knees; ‘WTF are you…

The long and short of Short-form

Image by boknam2 from Pixabay

What better way to learn how Medium works than have a story distributed, get 5.6K views, and earn mere pennies in my Stripe account?

When I signed up for the lovely Katie Michaelson’s The Daily Cuppa, a short-form Medium publication, she had faith in me that I had the potential to cut the crap and write only 150 words. But she did warn me that it wouldn’t get me distributed — nor earn me any money.

I was totally fine with the admonition. I wasn’t on this platform for the money. I just wanted to write. …


7 Tips for using your garage for what it is meant for

Image by 5350755 from Pixabay

This photo portrays a typical scene here in Montreal during the long months of Winter. For those of you who live in climes more temperate, you may think the volume of snow is the problem.

It was certainly a shocker to this kiwi gal when I arrived here 26 years ago. I was accustomed to one annual light dusting of snow shutting down the small city I grew up in; not piles of it that stick around for a few months. Here, the average snowfall over Winter is approximately 209 cm (82.5 inches). That’s a helluva lot of white stuff!

My first experience giving blood

Photo by Author

I’ve taken it and administered it. I’ve lost it and stemmed it. I’ve tasted it. And finally, I gave it.

The gift of life.


Blood is that fragile scarlet tree we carry within us. Osbert Sitwell, Writer.

Why we should all become donors

I always knew blood donation was the honorable thing to do. Being a nurse, I have administered many transfusions to patients who have depleted hemoglobin levels following surgery or were on the verge of hemorrhaging to death.

It is quite the performance making sure that the donor blood is compatible with the patient’s blood group and rhesus factor. …

And it’s mostly Medium’s fault

Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

I am super organized. I pride myself on my ability to find anything at a moment’s notice. Whether looking for an old photo, a recipe, or a receipt, I have things filed, labelled, and stored either online, in a cabinet or box.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Benjamin Franklin

My Gmail inbox is usually well controlled. I delete the crap messages without even opening them. There’s always plenty of them, and lately, they seem to be prolific, somehow skipping the spam box. I remove read messages straight away and I keep only those that require action…

Barbara Dalton

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